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Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

1.Ocean Science and Coastal Research
Marine and Maritime Science, Coastal Engineering and Ship Science, Coastal Economic Development, Coastal Economy, Port Economy, Marine Logistics, Ocean Transportation, Economic Development along the River (River), Water Source Economy, Marine Engineering, Water Transport Engineering, Submersible Science, Marine Geology and Life Science, Offshore Engineering, Deep Sea Engineering, Beach Erosion and Sediment Transport, Coastal Infrastructure Developments, Hydrodynamics of Off Shore Structures, Lowland Development and Reclamation, Marine Ecology and Environments, Marine and Offshore Wind Energy, Port Works (Dredging, Seawall Design, etc.), Tsunami, Waves and Tides, Estuary Coastal Engineering, etc.

2.Seawater Resources Management
Water Resources, Water Ecology, Water Environment, Water Disaster Management, Water Quality Improvement, Groundwater Resource Utilization And Protection, Watershed Ecological Protection, Wetland Protection and Restoration, Biodiversity, Aquaculture, Aquaculture and Fishery Engineering, Water Conservancy Science, Water Conservancy Engineering, Hydropower, Flood Control and Siltation Prevention In Water Conservancy Projects, Water Conservancy Machinery and Its Systems, Water and Sand Control, Comprehensive Control of Soil Erosion, Flood Control and Disaster Reduction Systems, Seawater Desalination, Sewage Treatment. Carrying Capacity of Water Resources, Conservation of Water Resources, Intensive Use of Water Resources Conservation, etc.

3.Atmosphere Science
Atmospheric Exploration, Climatology, Meteorology, Dynamic Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Artificial Weather, Applied Meteorology, etc. Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, Atmospheric Environment, Biometeorology, Climate Dynamics and Variability, Climate Policy, Clouds and Precipitation Physics, Dynamics of Atmospheres and Ocean, Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere, Marine Meteorology and Meteorology-Associated Geophysics, Meteorological, Climatological and Atmospheric Environmental Issues, etc.

4.Ecology, Environmental and Sustainable Development
Sustainability and Water, Marine Ecological Development, Coastal Economic Development, Coastal Economy, Port Economy, Marine Resources Development and Protection, Yellow River Resources Development and Protection, Yangtze River Resources Development and Protection, Lake resource Development and Protection, Sustainable Governance System, Environmental Policy, Environmental Management, Ecological Protection, Watershed Ecological Protection, Wetland Protection and Restoration, Biodiversity, etc.

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